Viking Dishwasher Review

Definately one of the most quiet dishwasher in the world, Viking 24” dishwashers tackle cleanup with powerful, professional performance. From touch-pad controls to fully extendable racks, these efficient machines pack a load of ultra-premium features, as well as, a load of dishes. With the Versa-Load Rack System, they easily handle up to 16 settings of china per cycle.

The tub material uses is Stainless Steel. Approximate Width is about 24 inches.

“No front” model accepts custom front door panels or optional professional door panels.

Some interesting Viking Dishwasher Features:

  • Quiet, Efficient Operation
  • Sound-absorbing, heat-retaining insulation
  • Heavy asphalt insulation on top, sides, rear, and bottom of tank
  • Top and both sides of tank and inside of door are quieted by an additional layer of felt
  • Two motor/pump assemblies for more efficient circulation and drainage than single-motor systems
  • Anti-jam, auto-reversing pump
  • Super-extendible, graphite nylon racks are fully usable for no lost space
  • Taller upper rack with super-stable rack guides glides out to nearly full extension
  • Adjustable tines in upper rack allow for loading flexibility
  • Two dual-level cup racks in upper rack cradle stemware
  • Lower rack extends four extra inches from tank for easier loading
  • Adjustable tines in lower rack provide space for larger items
  • Silverware/cutlery basket includes special compartment with lid to hold smaller items in place during washing
  • Special basket located above upper basket accommodates knives and long utensils
  • Halogen interior light comes on when door is opened, allowing better visibility
  • Extra-tall tank allows taller dishes to be placed in upper rackEliminates need for top filler strip
  • Allows 9″ wide plates to be loaded in upper rack
  • Washing and Drying
  • Superior automatic water-heating system
  • 1,200-watt heater guarantees ample supply of hot water
  • Heating accuracy assured by two separate thermostats
  • Multi-level wash system
  • Stainless steel lower and upper wash arms turn in opposite directions for complete water coverage
  • Automatic detergent dispenser
  • Automatic rinse agent dispenser with fill indicator
  • Additional spray zone targets heavily soiled dishes
  • Triple filtration and waste-removal system
  • Separate motor/pump quietly drains dishwasher
  • Removable, self-cleaning fine filter captures smaller particles
  • Removable strainer captures large objects, protecting pump from damage
  • Electronic controls offer several wash cycles as well as other options designed to reduce energy costs
  • Cycles include Pots/Pans, Heavy, Normal, Light/China, Quick and Rinse/Hold
  • Cycle options include Temperature Selection, Extra Dry, 5-hour delay, Express, and Top or Bottom basket only
  • Temperature options range from 85°F to 170°F depending on cycle

Viking is a good choice for people looking for quality dishwasher at reasonable prices.

  • All cycles are extremely efficient, with Normal wash using only 4.5 gallons of water and China using only 2.4 gallons of water
    Convect-Air™ Drying
  • Motorized fan extracts moisture from dishes, utensils, and tank
    Switch-activated vent door opens only during drying for quieter operation
    Safely vents between door and lower panel – away from controls and cabinets
  • Commercial Construction and Design
  • Extra-tall tank and inner door made from rustproof surgical stainless steel
    Counterbalanced, heavy-duty door springs for effortless opening and closing
  • Tough, zinc-coated steel frame and one-piece galvanized steel base pan
    Twin fill valve and overflow protection switch prevents mechanical malfunction overflows


Asco Dishwasher Review

A couple of years ago I bought an Asco dishwasher because it lasts, works well and is energy efficient. I found a button that said Economy and since I am all for conserving and being economical I pressed it and the machine worked well and cleaned the dishes. A while later I had the occasion to read the manual. It said that the Economy button saved electricity and used more water. I realized that for one person conserving means saving electricity (they appear to have plenty of water in Scandinavia where the Asco comes from…) while another person doesn’t mind using a little more electricity if it means saving water (that would be me living in the desert in New Mexico…). Well, of course I switched the Economy setting off. A little more electricity, a little less water. and the dishes are still clean.

And when there isn’t a whole load for the dishwasher I’ll do the dishes by hand. ever noticed that there are two kinds of people – the washers and the dryers?

The Asco Dishwasher D3232XLFI (Tall Tank) model has hidden-controls with push button access to six programs. It also remembers the last program used. This model can be installed with an optional one-piece white, black, bisque or stainless steel door with a curved handle or with an owner-supplied, one-piece custom door. A convenient End-of-Program signal emits a tone when the wash cycle is complete.

Overall Asco Dishwashers are good decent investment.

Homemade Dishwasher Detergent Soap

I tried my laundry detergent in the dishwasher. Glasses came out fine, but the silverware didn’t look quite clean. When I did the powdered version awhile back, it worked great in the dishwasher. The liquid just isn’t strong enough.

Here’s what I’m trying out this week:

1/2 c borax
1/2 c washing soda (baking soda is what you should use, I’m out)
1/2 c salt
1 pkg unsweetened lemon-lime or lemonaid Koolaid – for the citrus acid (don’t use any other flavor or you will dye the inside of your dishwasher! also use unsweetened!)

vinegar in the rinse cycle (I fill the Jet-Dry dispenser in the door with vinegar)

1 tablespoon for regular loads, regular water – 2 tablespoons for heavier loads, and harder water

there is also a alternate way to do this:

Finding the Right Combo

I personally tried using just baking soda, just borax, and a mixture of the two but none of those worked. What does work for me is mixing baking soda and borax with my dishwasher soap. I fill a container half full with the dishwasher soap then a quarter baking soda and quarter borax. I also use vinegar instead of Jet Dry in the rinse dispenser.

Extend Detergent

Oh yes! For several months, I used a simple combination of 1/2 Borax and 1/2 baking soda and found that my dishes came out sparkling and spot free. I liked this mix because I felt it was easier on our aerobic septic system than regular dish detergent alone. However, I discovered some of the dishes were not getting totally clean (I like to just throw them in the washer with only minimal scrubbing). I began to pour a tiny amount of Cascade (bought with a coupon, of course) in the dispenser then covered it with the other mix. I am very pleased with this combination and it takes only seconds to do! I add Borax to my powdered laundry detergent as well to make it last longer. With three children, Borax and baking soda have been major dollar stretchers to our budget.

Using the Correct Amount Saves Money

We find that even the brand-name dishwasher detergent is very inexpensive when you use the “correct” amount! You only need one or two tablespoons of detergent in your dishwasher! That’s right, and 1 tablespoon is almost always enough. Your dishes will come clean without any of that chalky residue. The big box of Cascade (155 oz) that we purchase at Sam’s Club for $5.99 lasts us for one year! No kidding and we run our dishwasher an average of once per day. Our dishwasher is a 1997 model. If you have hard water you may need to use the 2-tablespoon amount more often, but not always. Today’s dishwashers are so efficient that they don’t need those both chambers filled with detergent Save money and have cleaner dishes by using less detergent!

Vinegar Plus

I go to the “Dollar Store” in our area and buy their brand of dishwashing detergent. It’s much cheaper then even Wal-Mart. Then in addition to the dishwashing detergent, I add white vinegar. I buy it by the gallon and put it in the reservoir where you would put the “name brand” stuff. This does a wonderful job for me. If you are low on dishwashing detergent you can use just the vinegar. It does a wonderful job keeping your glassware clear and clean if you have hard water in your area as well.

Vinegar And Prewash

I am the kind of gal who can’t put the dishes in the dishwasher dirty. I have to wash them first. I guess I have had too many come out with spots on them. We have hard water and I have been fighting that nasty build up of gunk. I couldn’t tell whether it was residue from my detergent or minerals. I would have to buy that dishwasher cleaner at least once every two months. I had almost given up on the dishwasher, until the light dawned on me one day. Now, since I already clean my dishes, I just put white vinegar in the drawer. Our dishes and the dishwasher have never looked so good. Also I have found less spots on my dishes. My jet dry rinse has vinegar in it also. Just make sure vinegar mixes ok with your rinse aid.

Baking Soda Sparkle

I buy the large box of Dollar General brand dishwasherpowder at the local Dollar General. It is $2 and I then mix equal amounts of baking soda and the dishwasher powder. The baking soda is a great extender! By mixing the two my dishes are extra clean. The dishwashing powder and the baking soda not only makes my dishes sparkle but makes my dishwasher smell and look clean. A lot of value for just a couple of bucks!

Using Washing Soda

We have used a mixture of washing soda (not baking soda) and borax. It worked for awhile and then the glasses got dingy. Then I read about adding white vinegar to the rinse cycle. Check it out. Can be found in the laundry aisle.

Things to consider while buying a new dishwasher

As with the Clothes Washer, the Dish Washer uses hot water and that is the big cost. Our house is super insulated and the water is solar heated so we save a lot more money then the normal home owner.

1. High Energy Factor
ACEEE recommends that you consider dishwashers that have an Energy Factor (EF) of at least 0.65, or an estimated energy use of less than 340 kWh/year. This is about 40% better than the federal standard. You can find which products meet this requirement on the showroom floor by looking on the yellow EnergyGuide label on each product.

Energy Factor measures the number of cycles that can be run with 1 kWh of electricity, and, unlike clothes washer efficiency ratings, does not take into account water use; although high-efficiency models are more likely to incorporate improvements to the spray arm, sump geometry, and/or pump design to reduce water requirements per cycle.

2. Low Water Use
To find the most water-efficient models, you must look beyond ENERGY STAR and EnergyGuide. Some ENERGY STAR models use half as much water as others, saving hundreds of gallons of water each year. Check the manufacturer’s literature or contact your local water utility. In some states, electric and water utilities offer rebates for the purchase of models that are exceptionally efficient.
Most dishwashers have several different wash cycle selections. The more options you have, the better you can tailor the energy and water use needed for a particular load. Look at the manufacturer’s literature for total water use with different cycles.
Some dishwashers on the market today use “soil sensor” technology to automatically adjust water use depending on how dirty the dishes are in each load. There are highly-efficient dishwashers with and without this feature.

4. Energy-Saving “No-Heat” Dry
An electric heating element is generally used to dry dishes at the end of the final rinse cycle, consuming about 7% of dishwasher energy use. Most new dishwashers offer an energy-saving no-heat drying feature. At the end of the rinse cycle, if the feature is selected, room air is circulated through the dishwasher by fans, rather than using an electric heating element to bake the dishes dry.

GE Monogram Dishwasher 18 inch Model

The dishwasher is a great appliance to have in your kitchen household. The key feature of these machines is to automatically wash dishes; all you have to do is place the dishes inside, add detergent, set the washing cycle and turn it on. Minutes later, you’ll have sparkling, squeaky clean dishes that are ready to be used again. Newer dishwashers even feature microprocessors and sensors that control how long the cycle lasts and how much water should be used to clean the current amount of dishes.

Technology will always build and improve on existing inventions, but who will make them more stylish and elegant? That’s where the GE Monogram dishwashers come in. GE Monogram appliances have a key characteristic of being designed for both visual appeal and practical use. As such, a GE Monogram dishwasher will keep your kitchen up with the times while adding a more attractive view in your household.

As with the other appliances in the collection, GE Monogram dishwashers are both the latest in kitchen technology and kitchen design. These dishwashers have a polished stainless steel finish to give it that unique professional look in your kitchen. Not only does it look neat, but the appliance is built to last and endure any wear and tear. You can even customize your GE Monogram dishwasher any way you want. If you want handles that match your refrigerator, for example, GE offers you a variety of options. There is also a door kit that enhances the professional appeal of the dishwasher.

The GE Monogram dishwashers are also designed with ease of use in mind. The controls are easy to use, whether your control device is the mechanical dial or the electronic push buttons. You simply have to turn the knob or press the corresponding buttons to set the options to your liking, and then away it goes.

The inside of these dishwashers contain a special lighting. Xenon lights will illuminate the interior of the machine as you open it so that you can check its handiwork quickly and thoroughly. With this lighting, there’s no doubt in your mind that the dishes have been rinsed and washed as you peer inside and find no water spots or residue.

Speaking of water spots and residue, the CleanSensor technology that lies within GE Monogram dishwashers is what keeps the dishes spotless. The sensor monitors the water temperature, dish load and soil levels in each cycle. Once these things are determined, it makes the necessary adjustments to ensure that the dishes are cleaned thoroughly.

When in use, the GE Monogram dishwashers run smoothly and quietly. The noise level is kept down to a minimum so it doesn’t bother you or anyone else in the house. Holding a quiet conversation is possible while the dishwasher does its job.

If you’re in the market for a new dishwasher, consider the GE Monogram appliance line. Although they may appear to be expensive, the price is well worth it. The performance and design will not let you down. One of the most popular GE MonoGram dishwasher is ge monogram dishwasher zbd0710nss.

By- Sophia.

GE dishwasher pdw7800 Profile Built-In Dishwasher Review

GE Dishwashers are extremely popular in the USA and Canada. However its extremely important that you analyse the pros and cons before you buy this GE dishwasher pdw7800 Profile built-in dishwasher.

Many people agree that GE Pdw 7800 dishwasher is an Expensive machine which does a better than average cleaning job. However, it leaves crud/scum/food particles along the inside front edge of the bottom of the unit where the door closes. It would get approx 3/10 for its poor design.

Some of the Pros of GE dishwasher pdw7800

1) Tall tub allows for big cookware and the movable tines make it easy to custom fit with each wash cycle.

2) Sleek in appearance with easy control features

3) The three wash sprayers certainly add to a quick and superb clean. A regular cycle takes 6 gallons of water. You don’t have to scrape much off of the dishes before loading.

4) Dishes are very clean and glasses sparkle, Even works great on pans.
Cons of GE dishwasher pdw7800:

1) The racks are poorly designed and don’t hold dishes

2) The worst problem is that the built-in garbage disposal doesn’t work very well, since there are often deposits of food left on glasses and bowls in the top rack.

3) it makes a load groaning noise

Our Verdict is Do not BUY GE dishwasher pdw7800, you might get a better deal in the market.