Viking Dishwasher Review

Definately one of the most quiet dishwasher in the world, Viking 24” dishwashers tackle cleanup with powerful, professional performance. From touch-pad controls to fully extendable racks, these efficient machines pack a load of ultra-premium features, as well as, a load of dishes. With the Versa-Load Rack System, they easily handle up to 16 settings of china per cycle.

The tub material uses is Stainless Steel. Approximate Width is about 24 inches.

“No front” model accepts custom front door panels or optional professional door panels.

Some interesting Viking Dishwasher Features:

  • Quiet, Efficient Operation
  • Sound-absorbing, heat-retaining insulation
  • Heavy asphalt insulation on top, sides, rear, and bottom of tank
  • Top and both sides of tank and inside of door are quieted by an additional layer of felt
  • Two motor/pump assemblies for more efficient circulation and drainage than single-motor systems
  • Anti-jam, auto-reversing pump
  • Super-extendible, graphite nylon racks are fully usable for no lost space
  • Taller upper rack with super-stable rack guides glides out to nearly full extension
  • Adjustable tines in upper rack allow for loading flexibility
  • Two dual-level cup racks in upper rack cradle stemware
  • Lower rack extends four extra inches from tank for easier loading
  • Adjustable tines in lower rack provide space for larger items
  • Silverware/cutlery basket includes special compartment with lid to hold smaller items in place during washing
  • Special basket located above upper basket accommodates knives and long utensils
  • Halogen interior light comes on when door is opened, allowing better visibility
  • Extra-tall tank allows taller dishes to be placed in upper rackEliminates need for top filler strip
  • Allows 9″ wide plates to be loaded in upper rack
  • Washing and Drying
  • Superior automatic water-heating system
  • 1,200-watt heater guarantees ample supply of hot water
  • Heating accuracy assured by two separate thermostats
  • Multi-level wash system
  • Stainless steel lower and upper wash arms turn in opposite directions for complete water coverage
  • Automatic detergent dispenser
  • Automatic rinse agent dispenser with fill indicator
  • Additional spray zone targets heavily soiled dishes
  • Triple filtration and waste-removal system
  • Separate motor/pump quietly drains dishwasher
  • Removable, self-cleaning fine filter captures smaller particles
  • Removable strainer captures large objects, protecting pump from damage
  • Electronic controls offer several wash cycles as well as other options designed to reduce energy costs
  • Cycles include Pots/Pans, Heavy, Normal, Light/China, Quick and Rinse/Hold
  • Cycle options include Temperature Selection, Extra Dry, 5-hour delay, Express, and Top or Bottom basket only
  • Temperature options range from 85°F to 170°F depending on cycle

Viking is a good choice for people looking for quality dishwasher at reasonable prices.

  • All cycles are extremely efficient, with Normal wash using only 4.5 gallons of water and China using only 2.4 gallons of water
    Convect-Air™ Drying
  • Motorized fan extracts moisture from dishes, utensils, and tank
    Switch-activated vent door opens only during drying for quieter operation
    Safely vents between door and lower panel – away from controls and cabinets
  • Commercial Construction and Design
  • Extra-tall tank and inner door made from rustproof surgical stainless steel
    Counterbalanced, heavy-duty door springs for effortless opening and closing
  • Tough, zinc-coated steel frame and one-piece galvanized steel base pan
    Twin fill valve and overflow protection switch prevents mechanical malfunction overflows


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